What's in this Spring?

Say Hello to Puffy sleeves

Yes the puffy sleeve is here to stay for spring and summer! Don’t be afraid of this look. Not only is it gorgeously feminine, a slightly puff or balloon sleeve can create a balanced and defined shape to your shoulders and give a subtle high fashion vibe.

Cropped hems!

Have you noticed Hems are getting shorter on maxi dresses, skirts, pants? 

We call this the “cropped hem” and we love it because whether you are tall, short or in between, the cropped length will work for almost anyone. Along with creating a cute flirty vintage vibe, there are also practical benefits of this trend – showing off your shoes being one, rarely having to alter the lengths on new garments and no longer tripping over your skirt or dress .

Tiers are here to stay!

By now we are all familiar with the tiered trend and this spring it is still strong! Combining with natural fibers, bold florals, pretty prints and coinciding with the puff sleeve predictions are that this trend is not going away any time soon. Not to mention that it is always comfortable and can hide a multitude of sins.

Linen linen linen

How could you not love it? Its classic, natural, timeless, fresh, luxurious…the list goes on! And with the modern blends of linen, cotton, rayon and viscose the linen look has just got lighter in look and feel. One thing to remember about garments made from these blends is care. We often see and hear about these fabrics “shrinking” but un actual case most of the time the fabric has just “tightened” during the washing process – even when washed as per the care instructions. Don’t worry, your garment hasn’t shrunk. It will relax back to the original shape with a quick steam. Trust us, a hand held steamer will be the best investment you will make this spring and your wardrobe will thank you for it! You can pick them up from Big W or somewhere of the likes from $29.